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 Deities of Old

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PostSubject: Deities of Old   Mon Aug 21, 2017 6:28 pm

Our God; Boone Ironjaw
The creator of our pack. Of our race; of relentless and bloodthirsty devil wolves. This wolf gave us everything in his lifetime and built, from the ground up, the best pack to ever walk the plains. He was called Boone, and as his body withered, weakening slowly, his spirit only became stronger. When the day came that our beloved first Tyrant passed away, his soul became far more than a mere ghost.
Boone Ironjaw descended to hell and face to face, he met the devil.
In the heat, the misery, and thick of it all he saw his fallen former pack-mates being tortured for what they were. He would not stand for it. Boone faced the devil in an epic battle towards a separate world for the V's. Blood and fire fell and spread between the two demons until the devil finally agreed. Those of Red RaVage would see their own end, unlike the simple sinners of our world.
The V's were far beyond hell.
}To have a raven visit your dreams is to have faith in your abilities.{

Our Goddess of Life; Marionette
The first true alphess of our pack. She served loyally by Boone's side through the tumultuous early years of Red RaVage. The dainty fae brought peace and serenity both to him, and the pack as a whole.
Mari joined Boone shortly after his death, having been held to the mortal world only by his company alone.
She walked down the Red Road, considering her life and her pack. Never wanting to leave the pack alone, and pained by her past life's losses, she began to decide her future purpose. Upon being reunited with Boone and her past pack-mates in the realm known as the RaVage Plains, she became aware of just how perfect the realm truly was. Except, there was one exception that she simply could not overlook... Prey. Red RaVage fed upon the flesh and blood of others in the mortal world, and Marionette saw no reason that their habit would stop in the afterlife. The cunning female then devised her purpose in this new world and gave her family the gift of game.
Our Goddess had begun to take her form.
}To see an ebony doe in your dreams is to be blessed with virility of life.{

The Goddess of Compassion; Naomi Stone
Naomi Stone was a daughter of Shard and Grave, a twin sister to Aurae and relative to many. She and Aurae were not native to the plains, having been born in another land after Red RaVage fled from the gods. The fae was born with a daisy marking on one of her fore-paws, paying homage to Charlotte, a V of old whose nickname was Daisy, as well as the white paw on her haunch from her father's bloodline. She also held favor toward the avian race, donning their feathers behind her ear.
Naomi was taught the healing arts by Mori and the previous Tyrant pair, unknowing her life would eventually end up taking a surprising turn.
She was the first V to hold the position of Battle Healer and eventually obtained the Archangel rank and saved many a wolf from sickness, sparring, and war. The femme also found love in Sartini's son, Nicostrato, the two officially becoming mates with a ceremony that occurred back in the Plains after Boone battled the gods for their right to live there once more. They were graced with eleven pups. Through the turn of events that changed her life path, however, she and her mate became the Tyrant pair. Nicostrato was seldom present, and Naomi ended up stepping down from her position. She was pushed out of the pack; dying modestly and alone as a wanderer.
}Those visited by a falcon in their dreams are blessed with clairvoyance and determination.{

The Goddess of Bloodshed; Shard Avius Lupus
This hellion stands as one of the originals of The Old. Taken into the pack at a young and tender age, Shard grew to become a force to be reckoned with. With a mane as red and fiery as her passion and fur of ash, she stealthily roamed the battlefield, picking off her prey and downing her foes with lethal precision.
As the second generation of Tyrants stepped down, Shard was nominated as the next in line and took her place as Blood Tyrant alongside her vigilant mate, Varron. Together they continued the lineage of fine warriors and ensured that their endeavors would be remembered for centuries to come. When the RaVaged Plains finally called their assassin home to be laid to rest and indulge in the endless festivity and praise well earned by her years of service, she decided to continue her vigil. Till this day she looks over the living realm, imbuing those who pray to her blessings to roam the shadows.
}To have a bat visit your dreams is to be blessed with grace, agility, and speed.{

The God of Verdict; Varron Sicarius Lupus
A noble wolf with a heart of gold, Varron joined Red RaVage shortly after Boone's passing.
Naomi, the current Blood Tyrant at the time, offered him a Bully position and he took it after withstanding his Ravaging. During this time through immense training, he excelled in his lessons and took part in many ravages, climbing through the ranks to become a Brutus.
Over time, love for a certain bloodthirsty hellion would change his life path. It didn't take long after their meeting that he and Shard were mated.
Sadly, the time where he hosted lessons and defended the pack was short lived. With the disappearance of their second Blood Tyrant, Nicostrato, Naomi passed on her position to Shard and thus Varron assumed the role of Tyrant at her side. Throughout their reign he continued to pass on his knowledge to both the Brutus and the Bullies which proved useful as countless battles waged under their rule, including the Avani War. He met every battle with the voracious appetite to serve and protect. Varron died shortly after his beloved from a broken heart, forever betrothed as her guardian and lover, but would leave his legacy of three pups- Aedan, Vanity, and Saorise.
}Those who are visited by a cougar in their dreams are blessed with loyalty and cunning.{

The God of Courage; Masquerade Idolon
Masquerade joined Red RaVage at the age of three years old. He took the rank of a scout and was one of the first to bare the infamous V scar upon his wide chest. He later moved up the ranks to become one of the few to hold the position of Gambit, but was soon promoted to be the first ever to make the Gambit title a sub-high rank.
He found his mate in Rozaline Formose and the two spawned a total of nine children, with only two surviving the first litter to pass on the infamous cursed mask marking of their father. The last born to him was a fae named Izolda, birthed many years after the first litter.
Masquerade served numerous years as a merciless and cunning Gambit, training many generations of Scouts and ravaging just as many recruits.
He participated in the Avani War and nearly lost his life. The brute lived to see four different sets of Blood Tyrants take power and took the role of Black Bishop for a short while before retiring and taking his leave at age twelve.
He died at the age of almost thirteen, alone in the snow not far from the Red Radius.
}To have a masked fox visit your dreams is to be blessed with bravery.{

The Hellish Half of Deity; Faye
Faye was born from the lines of Vladimir Formose-Idolon and Vanity Lupus within the RaVage pack itself. As such, she had grown up acting quite spoiled, feeling important through the fact of which familial lines she was connected to. They consisted of Sharp Lupus and Rozaline Formose as her grandmothers along with Varron Lupus and Masquerade Idolon as her grandfathers.
This, of course, all changed when she gained her rank as a Bully and began her training in a serious manner. Her previous behaviors were slowly replaced with determination and a thirst for blood. She had become an amazing Brutus in the long run as she had done her best to prove her familial lines proud.
Despite this, she did have a mate named Wallace and birthed two litters of pups to carry on her bloodline. Over time the pack changed and her mate vanished without a trace, leading her to go on a walk to be alone, and she died in a subsequent hunt due to an injury.
}If one spots a rat in their dreams they are gifted with speed and cunning.{

The Heavenly Half of Deity; Maru
Maru found her home in Red RaVage after her parents died to protect her, finding the infamous pack shortly after the horrid event. She wasn't entirely welcomed at first, but with the help of the current Blood Tyrant she managed to join their ranks and become their kin.
She grew into a beautiful adult from all the challenges that she had to previously go through and showed interest in becoming one of the pack's high ranked assassins. The fae was loved by many and she loved them in return, even going so far as to assist an ally to Red RaVage during their time of need. They, in turn, gave her a name that meant 'The Heart' for her kindred spirit and her willingness to help.
}If one is visited by a barn owl in their dreams they are gifted with insight and inequity.{

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Deities of Old
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