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 Ska Majo Shi

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PostSubject: Ska Majo Shi   Thu Aug 24, 2017 9:51 pm

"Ska Majo Shi."
Her names meaning isn't that of a fairly odd one, but certainly it will make the hair to the back of your neck prickle up. "Witch {Of} Death."

Personality: Caring for those who need her healing attributes and dispelling those who dare shun her. Ska, walks graciously with her snowy locks and hair-like tail trailing behind her like a train from a wedding dress. She is slightly bigger than a normal she-wolf and very beautiful; aiding an unusual comfort to those who step into her presence. She has a smooth, hollow voice, like chimes.
She tends to keep her Magicka practices at bay from a normal topic, as Healing is her job and no laughing matter. Nor' something she want's to "brag" about. For the most part, this little Canis keeps to herself, as her language may seem blunt and unruly to those who do not understand. Though she is truly a kind-hearted Cleric, the attitude she can give to those in love and compassion, can be easily turned into spits of blood and ill-word. This tends to be from her wary mental illness' that she tends to keep into the back of her mind. As best as she possibly can.  

Tidbits: Whenever a moment of silence peeks up, Ska, likes to usually wander off into the dense brush. Studying and discovering new poisons or remedies. Oddly enough she enjoys catching snakes, softly enough to hold them within her mouth and not to hurt their precious, smart souls. It's said that though she cannot speak to them, she can "read" their body language. Wearing them as either a decoration around her neck, or simply being spotted letting one go; it's no doubt she has a true bond with them.

Backstory: Deranged by madness was her Father. Taken by fever was her mother. Left alone at the first few months of her life, she was once apart of the now missing Tribe "Majo". Whether the rest of her family and siblings survived the horrors of their past and present is not of her concern. Her fathers madness simply taught her to not be consumed by the idiocy and surrealism of the world. For, Death is inevitable. A year later, she turned into the wise, calming she-wolf she is today; taking on more of her mothers traits than her insolent fathers. Somewhere deep inside her though, his maddened soul strives and survives off of her rare cruelty to others. She praises both the Luna and Solis, for they were there for her more than anything. The Wind, Tera, and Sea. She had to survive on her own and learn as quickly and as much as possible.

Rank: Healer | Cleric
D.O.B: Season of rain and Snow.  

Title Song:

"For those lives' who seek my aid and comfort, I welcome you."
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Ska Majo Shi
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