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PostSubject: Revenant(Zahne)   Wed Aug 30, 2017 5:52 pm

Zahne "Revenant" Senshi

Personality/general description
Cold, somewhat quiet, and quick to strike. Zahne isn't the cozy cuddly type, he prefers a nice, cool corner of shade to himself. Despite his flip-of-the-switch aggression, he is rather docile when sated, in some instances even allowing others to get near. He's colder to the touch, and smells of brine and sulfur, like a beast from the sea or hell. Notably; his pitch black coat is broken up by streaks of white and especially two nearly diamond shapes over his eyes. His underside from the back of his jaw to his groin is plated with hardened yet flexible scales, forming a nearly impenetrable armor to what would otherwise be a vulnerable spot. His large, lithe stature is muscle-bound despite the visibility of a few ribs. This combined with a low, gruff yet somehow smooth voice give him a chilling air of danger and not one to be trifled with. He seems adamant on keeping his past a secret beyond "I was sentenced to death for crimes not my own... they sealed me away..."

His voice, as stated, is very low and gravely, yet has a unique smoothness to it for its overall tone, making every word threatening and yet not at the same time. He carries weight without showing teeth, and calls for respect in every movement. His blood, however, is his most dangerous feature; being undead his blood is a toxin to any living thing, and without medicine within a few hours of infection or ingestion, a slow painful death will follow. The poison acts in a coordinated way; working to eat into the muscles to cause fatigue and muscle spasms while forcing the release of added adrenaline, to better circulate and spread. Thankfully, he himself knows the curatives needed, and only tells it to those who earn his respect and trust.

Not terribly much is known of the Revenant beyond what he himself speaks, though bits and pieces can be gathered from his discovery; Notably, his corpse had been abandoned in the now-home of the Red RaVage, in a secretive cavern sealed off by stones. It can be assumed that his former tribe dabbled in horrible black magics far more potent than Voodoo as the rune used to imprison him was not meant to hold a mortal. The complexity of the rune was detailed and infused with powerful energy to hold back the damned, and perhaps cause his return; or perhaps his return was when the cavern was entered, and his body-- to him-- desecrated. Restless he seeks the blood of his kin, but when he was finally set free of his tomb, he found himself thousands of years out of place. He believes his tribe still lives, and seems to know far more than he lets on. Oddly, his lack of aggression to the pack was a pact itself unknowingly, or perhaps not fully known, sealed by one of the younger members, Kasai. When Kasai took it upon himself to release the creature with the condition that it not harm his pack, he offered a leg-bone of his own blood kin. This, in a strange twist, form a pact between the two, in that the Revenant is far more protective of the smaller wolf than any other in the pack.

A Curative
To avoid confusion or lost notes, the following information is openly known to Ska, Wren, and Sol. Anyone beyond these three will have to learn IN CHARACTER

If the poison infects a wound
Combine into a poultice;
~Stinging Nettle Leaves - A withered looking plant with green, spiney seeds found throughout the forest outside the RaVage den. Creates a poultice to be placed on(and in) the wound to draw it out. As a bonus, the stem of Stinging nettle helps combat infection.
~Tormentil - A four-pettaled, small, yellow flower found in shadier areas of RaVage territory, used in the above poultice and placed on the wound.
~Yarrow - A plant with tiny, clustered white flowers found in the upper mountain of RaVage territory, between sunny rocks(BE WATCHFUL OF SNAKES) - used in the poultice and applied to the wound. As a bonus, the poultice of Yarrow alone helps soothe tired or cracked pawpads.

If the poison is ingested
~Stinging Nettle Seeds - Induces vomiting, don't carry it in your mouth.
~Yarrow - the poultice formed of yarrow can be ingested to induce vomiting, it also helps to coat the spines of the Stinging Nettle seeds to avoid further damage to one's throat or stomach.

Honey is recommended, but optional, to soothe the throat after vomiting, or used in tandem to help with the horrid taste.

First 31 seconds

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PostSubject: Re: Revenant(Zahne)   Fri Sep 01, 2017 2:57 am

Very cool biography! It was a fun read, Sili. **And hey, Ska, wears snakes and speaks to them //hisss.
It was also very useful and interesting of you to provide cures incase anything happens to a tribe mate. Thank you~ And welcome to RaVage.~
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