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 Silikiyu Senshi

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PostSubject: Silikiyu Senshi   Sat Sep 02, 2017 12:44 am

Sili(for short) is a very unpredictable creature. Her scent, voice, and even the softness of her fur are all designed to lure others in close. She acts very motherly to those she cares about, but also 'acts' that way to prey. She lulls you into a sense of security and safety before she strikes, and she strikes hard. When 'dormant' she is rather pleasant to be around, and happy to converse with others. She carries an air about her of timelessness, and it takes a lot to impress her. When she's 'active' or in kill-mode, she becomes almost the perfect opposite of how one's image is of her, becoming vicious, insane, and ruthless. She flaunts her borderline immortality when she fights, going on a pure all out assault with BOTH sets of jaws to watch for.

Her claws are like meat hooks, not sharp blade-wise, but able to dig in and tear. The jaws of her tail as well as her maw are designed not to rend flesh, but crush straight through to the bone and tender organs, pulling chunks with a vice-grip. Her blood, while not any more toxic than a mortal canine, has a nasty property of becoming crystallized when exposed to the air. This means any wound inflicted is almost instantly sealed and kept open at the same time by a jagged obsidian blade or spike. Her blood effect CAN however be muted if she is given an excess of natural blood thinner, rendering the crystallization dormant until her blood resumes its normal consistency. While she cannot die from blood loss or bleeding out, she can eventually lose consciousness if the supply free-flows instead of its strange clotting.

Sili is by no means hiding what she is; a demon. Her specific kind, the Senshi, are fierce warrior types, with only five known members of the clan, and the adopted Revenant. Taking the shape of a Dire Fox in place of a wolf, she isn't shy about her size or appearance, and often uses the 'smile' of her tail to intimidate others. Her introduction to the Red RaVage was an odd encounter, in that she'd been watching them, faintly hearing their prayers and observing their rituals. Her curiosity lead her to approach the Tyrant and Black Bishop, not in search of their blood, but to pledge herself to follow them. It is theorized her reasoning is simply she enjoys the chaos and way of life they uphold, and the chance to mindlessly slaughter others in good company was appealing. Her RaVaging was, to say the least, both brutal and quiet. Wren herself having opened the event with tearing a chunk from the demoness' hindquarters and thrashing at her neck before giving her the scar; which could only be done when she'd been heavily dosed with blood thinners. For this she retains a bite mark on one flank, and her mark of the tribe on the other. Sili quickly found her... talents best suited for the rank of Shadow; as unlike the Worg or Ravager, she held no honor in killing, only the thrill of blood, and to be told someone needs to die is all the pleasure she could ask. A fight against her with her blood active is a losing battle for any mortal or holy being, only her own clan can ever truly bring her death. Even beheading in the past had only left her out of commission for, to her, a short time.
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Silikiyu Senshi
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