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 Our Religion

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PostSubject: Our Religion   Mon Aug 21, 2017 7:57 pm

The Old Legend

The Akuunai were a tribe comprised mostly of prehistoric canis who were voodoo practitioners; back in the days of Old when magic was scarce and vaguely known to the Primordial land. Because of the vague understanding of such magic, the practice was deemed taboo and thought to be the work of evil. War waged against the Akuunai who were chased away from their homeland and for years the Akuunai tribe lay dormant from the rest of the world, only having solitude in the bellows of the marshes in Lagman or underground. There they would stay, furthering their religion and broadening their knowledge. They would discover different schools of magic, magic that could counter black magic as well as highlight the good. This revelation brought the discovery of their Gods and various Goddesses. They renamed the tribe in their honor, taking on the guise of Red Ra}V{age.
They revered their deities as the all mighty, believing that their graces would grant them good health and immunity to illness if they were to sacrifice their blood. This tradition sparked many other traditions such as cannibalism, the consumption of the weak and ill to strengthen the strong, as they did what their deities did in order to become one with them.
This way of thinking remains, kept alive through the various efforts of Chusi ChenoaAkuu Ironjaw and her beloved sister, Sinow'baAkuu Ironjaw, otherwise known as Sol. It is strengthened by the fact that the very blood that ran through Boone Ironjaw's veins flows through theirs, as they are the only surviving pups of Naomi and Nicostrato.

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Our Religion
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