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 Our Traditions

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PostSubject: Our Traditions   Mon Aug 21, 2017 8:06 pm

:: RaVaging::
When the time for a fresh blood to become permanent within the pack, they must first pass a dangerous trial that may or may not result in death. After a three day trial period, the fresh blood is sentence to endure a savage beating performed by the RaVagers while being monitored by Vindicators of the pack. The beating only lasts for a few of minutes, but in that time the fresh blood may suffer from severe wounds. Depending on the individual, the RaVaging can be overcome and the strong are marked with a V and granted their rank and order name.

:: The Rut ::
Every few weeks, the Reavers call forth a gathering of the entirety of the pack and issue a running event called The Rut. It only serves as a means to sedate wild urges or roiling tendencies that burden them. The pack will run for miles without a destination throughout the night and well into the morning. Before dusk arrives, they finish off with a feral series of howls, barks, and baying. Only the worthy of the V's are invited along this midnight run.

:: Devouring of the Essence ::
It is believed that the consumption of another hound will strengthen the immunity to the diseases. One named as a lesser of the pack is marked a day before they are chosen as a sacrifice. They are held down and gutted open by two Reavers who then allow the highest ranking member to feast first. One without the ability to properly serve the pack must give themselves ultimately to the group for the good of their kin.

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Our Traditions
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