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 Sol Sinowba Stone

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PostSubject: Sol Sinowba Stone    Mon Aug 21, 2017 9:18 pm

Personality: Sol was given her nickname by her sister because she always seemed as jovial as the sun. Sol is the more revered sister between her and Chusi. She tends to keep quiet, allowing most others to do most of the talking with her interjections of questions. She likes to personally get to know others when not involved with tribe duties such as maiming others to serve her tribe. Though Sol may seem shy or aloof on the surface, deep down, there is a wave of emotions that constantly barrage her, however, she often chooses to be pleasant. When the time is needed, Sol likes to put her head down and get to business. She never seems to escape the tenderness that she feels inside herself and extrudes those feelings towards the ones she cares about. She is extremely polite and seems to forget how to say no to most things. When push comes to shove, she knows when she must step up and take a needed role, whatever she thinks needs filling. When Sol's spirits are lifted, she likes to hum to herself and dance. When she's feeling low, she will most likely remain quiet until she explodes. Often or not, there is always a smile on her face and she is always laughing.

Tidbits: Sol carries the accent of a Scotsman when speaking. When she isn't roaming about, making sure that the tribe is secured, She often prays in privacy. There are scars running down the right side of her face, dressed in healing herbs and clay. The scar was given to her during a hunt with Maia. Another scar runs across her neck in a v shaped fashion, a symbol of her passion and dedication to the tribe. Extended dew claws, a trait from birth, serves as ripping hooks when pouncing on prey. Often times her left eye will change form honey to purple when using black magic spells. This may last for days or weeks. Sol uses several abilities to aid her in and out of battle. She uses a combination of red magic, white magic, and black magic in the form of runes or by using her physical body.

Noteable Abilities:
Whitefire: (white/red magic) Intense flames that can burn through the flesh when used offensively. Can kill bacteria and cauterize wounds of allies.

Radiant shield: (white magic) A magic absorbing shield pressurized through the skin. Absorbs the energy of the sun to recharge.

Binding Malice: (black magic) A rune used to bind the aggressor where they stand by weighing them with fatigue.

Lesser Snaring root: (green magic) A rune used to ensnare target with roots that shoot up from the ground and entangle.

Backstory: Sinow'baAkuu Ironjaw along with her beloved sister were one of the remaining pups out of eleven whom mostly perished due to an unknown sickness. Sol believed that their lack of faith in their late grandfather, Boone, caused them their downfall which was why Sinow'ba grew up to become a devoted follower of the God and his Pantheons. When the disappearance of their father and the death of their mother fell upon her at a tender age of a yearling, Sinow'ba, sought out answers to ease her troubled mind. She prayed to the Gods of Old for guidance and wisdom. One night when all of her former pack were asleep, Sinow'ba lay awake with a pondering mind. Her wondrous gaze grazed over the night sky, wondering if her God and his legion were truly watching over them. Days upon days went by without her prayers answered and just when the seed of doubt had been planted in her mind, the paw of clarity scooped up that ill seed and tossed it away with a vision that one day, the tribe would flourish again and continue to carry on their legacy.

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Sol Sinowba Stone
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