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 The Laws of Red Ra}V{age

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PostSubject: The Laws of Red Ra}V{age   Mon Aug 21, 2017 11:19 pm

:: All members of the tribe must respect not only the leaders of an ally, but all leaders of Red RaVage as well::

:: Any hostile actions performed on a member or ally will be considered as treason and revoked membership from Red RaVage ::

:: Should an ally of the pack attack another ally the assaulter will be banned and marked for blood ::

:: Only leaders are allowed to initiate a raid against an outside group ::

:: If an ally of the pack decides to ally with an outside group it is advised to consult the other allies to avoid conflicts ::

:: Meetings between allies should be planned and discussed at the Guild Hall and at least happen once a month ::

:: Intimate ranks such as a scout or assassin may not spy or engage in another group without the knowledge and consent of the leaders of their tribe ::

:: Youth under the age to undertake training will not and shall not engage in any activity that may put them in harm's way. No matter how confident a youth may be or how they believe to take down odds larger than they, they will never make contact with the enemy::

:: If someone approaches as hostile via RP, guards or a single personnel may engage appropriately ::

:: Any form of combat; sparring, battle, assassination, etc, must follow the 3;1 ratio. For every three attacks performed one must succeed ::

:: Making fun of a player's RP habits or literacy level will not be welcomed or practiced in this tribe. This tribe is a family accepting of most RP styles (excluding wolf speak). That being said, please try to be semi-literate to literate if you can. ::

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The Laws of Red Ra}V{age
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