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 Chusi ChenoaAkuu Ironjaw

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PostSubject: Chusi ChenoaAkuu Ironjaw   Tue Aug 22, 2017 1:46 am

Chusi truly is a dainty fae as she despises getting filthy and she has the manners of royalty. She holds herself with grace and elegance, determined to see everything to an end whether it is good or bad. This is teased upon gently by her sister, who sometimes sees her tenacity as mere stubbornness. In other cases it becomes all she can fall back on within herself and so she holds the trait dear to her heart. Wren has a great love for her sister and her pack, both things that she tends to put before herself often, and any threat to either will receive no mercy from her. She is not afraid to get dirty when it counts, and if you disrespect her, her pack, or her sister, you can be sure that it might be the last thing you ever do.

The mere idea of getting wet without actively going swimming makes her muzzle wrinkle, and she tends to enjoy her sister's company more then that of anyone else. She also collects a tooth from each of her kills. The fae can often be seen using pigments to paint stories on stones.

Chusi ChenoaAkuu Ironjaw was one of the remaining pups out of eleven who perished due to an unknown sickness. She was birthed to Nicostrato Ironjaw and Naomi Stone, the previous Tyrants of Red RaVage. What should have been a straightforward existence was anything but when her father left, leaving her mother to rule the pack alone. The pack was then given to Shard, and her mother left. She was merely a yearling.
Growing up with her sister under such conditions made their bond stronger then that of any other, and when Sinow'baAkuu told her of her belief that the God, their grandfather, Boone, had a paw in the events that had left them where they currently were, Chusi became invested. She believed and gave her heart fully to their God and his pantheon, and her belief was only strengthened when her beloved sister told her of a vision; that she had heard Boone's voice and he had given them both a message. To leave the plains and start anew, continuing the legacy that he had begun.
Chusi never had a doubt, following her sister away from their decimated homeland and the ruins of the old pack to begin work on a new future.

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Chusi ChenoaAkuu Ironjaw
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