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 The Ranks; Detailed

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PostSubject: The Ranks; Detailed   Tue Aug 22, 2017 4:55 pm

|| Council ||
Alpha | Vindicator | IV
The Vindicators act as both the head of the tribe as well as a humble servant. They serve to protect their tribe and ensure the safety of their well being. While most of the tribe responsibilities falls on the Vindicator, its duty is to put its members first and act accordingly.

Beta | Black Bishop | IIV
The Black Bishop stands by the side of the Vindicators and will occasionally share its knowledge with the Vindicators and lend aid relating to tribe responsibilities. It is able to issue commands when the Vindicators are not present.

Delta | The Diplomat  | IIIV
The Diplomat will typically act as the go between canis when regarding tribe issues. They excel in the knowledge and study of other organizations. Those highly experienced as an Emissary may rank up to become The Diplomat

|| Tier 2 ||
War General  | Skullmonger | IVW
The Skullmonger stands as the strongest of the warriors. With the skulls of its victories adorning its head, it charges into battle. Skullmonger leads and commands the army of Worg to ensure they lay waste to their foes.

Assassin | Anubi | IVA
The Anubi is said  to be an individual cursed with an eye for murder. As an Anubi, one has taken a contract to see to the end without delay. The Anubi oversees their Shadows as a consultant and handles some of the more difficult assassination tasks.

Lead Hunter | Jaeger | IVH
The Jaeger's role is one of the most important as it provides food and material for the pack. A Jaeger is a callous hunter, one of high profession and skill. Their duty is to train its Hawkers and accompany them on hunting and patrolling.

Spy | Spook | IVS
Spooks are ever watchful and ever so diligent about it. Equipped with an arsenal of information, a Spook is rather hard to find, and even harder to spot. Seekers who wish to rank up to become a Spook must train themselves in tribe erudition.

Head Healer | Saint Sinner  | IVC
A Saint Sinner does not divulge itself in the acts of violence, but rather lives off of it. Graced with the knowledge and skill to heal most severe wounds, Saint Sinners are one of the first to offer comfort on the fields of battle. Clerics who have passed their training sessions and have shown their passion for healing may become a Saint Sinner.

Field Medic | Pacifice of Pain | IVP
The Pacifice of Pain, much like the Saint Sinner, is devoted to healing the wounded and curing the sick; but unlike the Saint Sinner, The Pacifice of Pain takes part in battles. Saint Sinners are able to switch to this rank if need be. Gargoyles and Clerics may train into this rank.

Head Guard | Titanus | IVG
The Titanus is as a guardian and protector. Vigil in its cause, the Titanus stands as the helm of the pack. With its Gargoyles perched on duty alongside them, they pose a formidable fortress of peril. A Gargoyle loyal to their duty may train for this rank.

Executioner | ReaVer | IVX
The ReaVer takes on the responsibility of carrying out the sentences passed down from the Council. They take life and death in their paws, unflinching in their duty to deliver the final end to the chosen wolves.

|| Tier 3 ||
Warrior | Worg | VW
The Worg is an aggressive fighter who's only means of enjoyment and sense of meaning is battle and honor. Little glory comes to the worg of war if it does not include striving.
Next rank(s): Skullmonger; ReaVer

Assassin Trainee | Shadow | VA
A Shadow is as quiet as the night and as deft as a felis with skills as sharp as a blade's edge. Those marked for death are often paid a visit by a Shadow.
Next rank: Anubi

Hunter | Hawker | VH
A Hawker never admits defeat until their jaws are stained with the lifeblood of their prey, and their paws are leaden with the energy expended on the hunt. They train and work under the Jaeger to bring sustenance to the tribe.
Next rank: Jaeger

Scout | Seeker | VS
Consistantly putting their lives on the line as they move ahead of the tribe to assess the level of danger, the Seeker values stealth and bravery above all other things. They are most valuable in gathering information.
Next rank: Spook

Healer | Cleric | VC
Clerics are those who always put others before themselves, using their minds and paws to heal their tribe-mates. They learn of different herbs and methods of healing, doing everything in their power to save lives.
Next rank(s): Pacifice of Pain; Saint Sinner

Guard | Gargoyle | VG
A Gargoyle carries the heavy responsibiloty of protecting the tribe even during the prosperous times of peace. They are ever vigilant, constantly wary of anything that might pose a threat. If needed they will lay down their lives to protect others.
Next Rank: Titanus

Brawler | RaVager | VX
With a thirst for blood a RaVager lives for the fight. They thrive under harsh conditions, training hard to be unstoppable on the battle field. They are the warriors of the tribe, ready to lay down their lives for glory and honor.
Next Rank: ReaVer

Messenger | Emissary | VE
It is an Emissary's responsibility to carry important messages across pack boundaries. They must be quick, agile, and able to assess situations in a heartbeat in order to carry out their duties without any harm coming to them.
Next Rank: Diplomat

|| Tier 4 ||
New Member | Recruit | Vr
It is a Recruit's duty to choose the rank they wish to pursue while proving their loyalty and sincerity to the tribe as they become one of us. They remain in this rank for three days before their RaVaging.

The Old | Elder | V
Those who have served the tribe well and are deemed too old or injured to continue service. They remain and teach the young ones through story, song, and experience.

The Young | Pup | Vy
To be a pup is to play and learn the boundaries of society through said play. Eventually they will choose the rank they wish to pursue after becoming of age.

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The Ranks; Detailed
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